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Type 92 Machine gun was an aircooled, gas-operated, heavy machine gun utilized by Imperial Japan during World War II.


It had a weight of 55.3 kg and it had a length of 115.6 cm. The rate of fire was about 450 rounds per minute and it fired the Type 92 7.7x58mm Arisaka Cartridge. It had a 30 round strip that fed into the gun and this design was based on the Hotchkiss 1914. There could be just plain iron-sights for the Type 92 or there could be telescopic sights like the Type 96.[1]

It also had a muzzle velocity of 2,400 fps and it had an effective range of 800m.[2] The Type 92 was nicknamed the"Woodpecker" by allied forces because of its distinctive sound when fired. It also had a tripod that came with special carrying poles, this allowed it to be preassembled. The Type 92 was usually used by a crew of three and the tripod can even be set up so the Type 92 can be used against aircraft.[3]


The Type 92 was developed in 1932 and it was the successor of the Type 3 Heavy Machine Gun which looked very similar. One difference between the two is the difference in caliber. The Type 3 has a 6.5 mm caliber and the Type 92 has a 7.7 mm caliber.  The Type 92 was used by the IJA throughout World War II, and it was also used in the Korean War.

It appeared in many battles in the Pacific Theater such as Iwo Jima where it was used extensively in small pillboxes and fortifications. However, the extremely large weight of the weapon oftentimes limited its mobility. Despite this, Japanese soldiers still managed to trudge along carrying on their Type 92 weapons through the harsh environments of the Pacific.
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