SdKfz 247 Ausf. B

An SdKfz 247 Ausf. B at the UK War & Peace show

The SdKfz 247 was an armored vehicle used by Germany during the Second World War.


It had a Horch 3.5 motors, drives it in a position at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. The SdKfz 247 had a crew of six men and an armament that was assembled from a single MG 34 in a gunner.

The total length of the SdKfz 247 was about 5 m, while the total weight was about 4000 kg. [1] 247 armor protection was about 8mm thick. Although the 247 was armed with a MG 34, the car itself was designed for reconnaissance purposes, as was the thinly protected crew compartment and open roof.

The 247 also had a 4-speed forward, 1 reverse gear transmission system and had good reliability. Although the Ausf. A model had advised very limited ability to travel cross-country and how the crew supervisor, was the SdKfz 247, mainly limited roads.


The first and only version of the SdKfz 247 armored car series was the Ausf B version. It had an improved suspension and an improved maximum range of 400 kilometers. Furthermore, the engine of the Ausf. B has been updated. In total, around 58 of the Ausf B model were made.


The SdKfz 247 was developed for the first time in 1937, the Ausf. A model was produced in the same year. However, the Ausf. B was produced a few years later in 1941. The cars were used in limited service during the war. A total of 68 examples were expelled.[2]



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